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General questions about Business Operations
  • Have you in the past or do you currently sell firearms, ammunitions or weapons of any kind?
  • Are any products sold or services performed by you for any military, law enforcement, or other armed forces or services?
  • Are you required to post motor carrier financial responsibility filings to any federal and or state department of transportation (dot) or other agency?
  • Do you hire non-employee drivers to perform delivery of your products or services?
  • For food delivery, do any of your employees use their owned personal vehicles to make deliveries 10 or more days per month?
  • Do you own or operate any manned or unmanned aviation devices (aircraft, helicopters, drones etc.) in your business?
  • Is more than 5% of your cost of goods sold directly imported by you from a country or territory outside of the United States?
  • Do you have discontinued or ongoing operations involving the manufacturing, blending, repackaging, or re-labeling of components or products made by others?
  • Do you have discontinued or ongoing operations involving the storage, application, transportation, recycling, or disposal of any hazardous materials or substances?
  • Do you have business premises open to the public?

Loss Information
11. Please indicate the number of loss events to your business, or claims made against you by others, whether covered by insurance or not, regardless of fault within the last three (3) years:
  • Property loss events or claims
  • General Liability events or claims
  • Professional or Errors & Omissions Claims

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Bob's bike shop


$5,146.69 including Terrorism(TRIA) and applicable taxes

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