Small Business Insurance Coverages

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Property insurance offers protection for your business’ physical assets, such as equipment and workspace. Whether you lease your workspace or work from home, this type of coverage can keep your business safe.

Business Income

Business income insurance – sometimes called business interruption insurance – helps cover the loss of income if your business may shut down due to a covered peril. It adds an additional layer of protection beyond your business property insurance policy.


This type of insurance protects business equipment against breakdowns due to operator errors, motor burnout, boiler malfunction, and power surges. It covers the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment and additional expenses incurred due to equipment damage.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance provides protection against injury, physical or bodily, and property damage claims. It’s designed to protect the business you’ve built against any accidents that may occur on your business property, ensuring your business can carry on even if it ever faces claims.

Employment Liability

Employment liability insurance covers your business from wrongful acts, such as discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. It may also offer protection against additional employee-related claims like defamation, failure to promote, deprivation of career opportunity, or invasion of privacy.

Business Auto

Business auto insurance – much like a personal auto insurance policy – covers vehicle liability, collision, and medical payments if an accident occurs with your company’s commercial vehicle.

Professional Liability

For businesses that provide advice to clients, professional insurance covers businesses from being liable if omissions or errors occur that result in a customer’s financial loss.

Liquor Liability

Businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages may be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by a patron who’s been overserved. This includes damages from careless behavior, vehicle accidents, or fights. A liquor liability policy protects your business in case you’re held liable and sued. 

Cyber Risk

Cyber risk insurance covers your business in the event of data breaches or other computer-related crimes and losses. This policy is designed to cover network, data, and privacy exposures and the loss of business revenue or damages that come with them.

Workman’s Comp

Workman’s Comp insurance keeps you covered if a worker is injured while on the job and needs medical treatment. It also covers lost wages and services to help employees recover and get back on the job.

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