About InsureThePeople

InsureThePeople, was created by a group of Greek heritage professionals who are first- and second-generation immigrants. They came to the United States with the dream to build businesses of their own, and they’ve experienced every step of creating and running a small business. This group of professionals built InsureThePeople to help protect small businesses from the hurdles they have experienced while building their own companies.

We understand what it’s like to start a business – the pride and sense of accomplishment that come with creating a company from the ground up. Unfortunately, we also know what it’s like to experience hardship, business losses, and mistakes that made achieving success harder. We’ve built InsureThePeople to empower other small business owners to protect their businesses quickly and affordably. By revolutionizing insurance for small businesses, we’re able to offer you small business insurance that will protect your assets and help you succeed.

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InsureThePeople is powered by InsuraGuest, an insuretech (insurance + technology) company disrupting the insurance landscape by utilizing its proprietary software platform to deliver digital insurance to multiple sectors. InsuraGuest transformed the way insurance is delivered with the revolutionary idea that insurance should be bought, not sold.